Welcome to The Professional Interpreter Blog. We will use this space to discuss important issues to the profession and the interpreter. We invite you to post and participate in this Bilingual English-Spanish blog.

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§ 16 Responses to Welcome

  • Nabil Salem says:

    Congratulations on the re-launching of your website and on your blog. We are looking forward to welcoming you for your presentation on board NCL’s Norwegian Sky departing from Miami on April 27th, 2012.
    Best regards
    Nabil Salem
    Florida Interpreters & Translators Network (FITnet)

  • Diana Coada says:

    Nice to see a new blog on interpreting – there are not enough of them around! But please correct the tagline, there is a typo 🙂

    Congratulations and happy blogging!

  • Good luck with the Language Lovers competition! I like bilingual blogs a lot, and English ans spanish are my favourite ones.

  • سامي المجالي -مسقط says:

    Though my language pair is Arabic and English, but I liked this blog and found it rich and helpful. Congratulations and may Allah bless you.

  • Luisa Gutierrez says:

    Tony, I quickly glanced at your ten worst things an attorney can do to an interpreter. It is excellent, and so true. I will refer your link to other interpreters, especially the young ones who are just starting out. When I have a little “me time” I’ll sit down and read it in detail. Thanks for the amazing input. Very nice.

  • Cinnamon says:

    Great post on “Some interpreters not having an even playing field”. I used to be in the state court system as a French interpreter, non-certified. One time I was there to do my job for one individual case in civil law (30 min. time). I was suprized to see another French interpreter at the same time waiting for another client! What a waste of money it was for the court, and bad scheduling. I got my guaranteed pay of 2 hours and the other interpreter, but it was a waste of the court interpreter’s budget, if you ask me.
    Since I have focused on medical interpreting, received my Certificate in Medical Interpretation Training, and now cannot find work. That is that the hospitals are switching from phone interpreters, (which was my first nemisis), to the new screen version called “MARTY”. Do you have any news or comments on this?

  • Though I’m not an interpreter yet (still at university), but I find your blog really interesting. Good luck with it!

  • LUIS GIL says:

    I work in the San Bernardino and Riverside area in California, would like to know of any consecutive courses.

    Thank you
    Luis Gil
    Certified Medical Interpreter

  • Susana Gee says:

    Great reading on this blog.

  • textisle says:

    I’m not an interpreter but do proofreading of verbatim court transcripts, some of which use interpreters. Can you tell me whether the interpreter should always be sworn in or is that only if the person needing the service is going to testify? Or in courtrooms where an interpreter is needed frequently do they either do it first thing in the morning for the day or not bother? Thanks, this blog is interesting reading!

  • pishon01 says:

    I wish to be informed upcoming workshops and trainings

  • Anna K Shirey says:

    I found your site quite by accident. I was looking for founding fathers and how many were multilingual.
    I was lead to an article on your site. It was interesting. I have just started taking a formal spanish class. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate them.

  • Laura Eastment says:

    Delighted to have found you.

  • Elisa says:

    I would like you to notify me regarding new webinars, workshops and courses through my email .
    Thank you in advance!!

    • Dear Elisa, thank you for your comments. Although we send out notices of workshops, many of Mr. Rosado’s courses, webinars and workshops are organized by colleges. Associations and others. For this reason we invite you to regularly come back to this website and see what is happening.

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