Update on FCICE Results

February 27, 2018 § 16 Comments

Several candidates are receiving this letter which explains nothing. It can be interpreted as a way to gain time and appease. “…test scores will be delayed…” Is this news after 5 months? Some raters (who wish to remain anonymous) claim that several (perhaps all) of the freelancers who rated the renditions have not been paid for grading the exam. 

§ 16 Responses to Update on FCICE Results

  • JWAlfonso says:

    Yes, My dear wife Emily also received that letter! She has been patiently waiting. My guess is that they have limited graders who were probably in the Florida or Texas disaster zone.

  • giolester says:

    Why incite discontent, Tony? There was a problem. They are trying to resolve it. Period.

    Is there anything else the AO can do? Can they issue everyone a temporary approval so they can work while waiting for the results to come? Is there any alternative that will help those who are waiting for the results of their efforts and hopes?

    • Gio, the letter is late and explains nothing. Candidates deserve better.

    • Incite? You have no idea of what we have been through. I commend Tony for putting the issue out there and exposing the situation. This is ludicrous. No discontent felt here. I am insulted by the administration’s actions. This is disrespectful and totally out of line.

    • Julie Dasilva says:

      Sure, why not shoot the messenger, Mr. Rosado, who selflessly has made his platform and his invaluable counsel available to those victimized (by a perfect storm of government/corporate incompetence, mismanagement, negligence and indifference) to express their very real and very serious concerns.

      The tone deafness of your post is surpassed only by that of the FCICE administrators. “There was a problem.” No, there IS a problem!

      It is self evident that you have only superficial if any knowledge of, much less experience with, Paradigm’s antics – yes, a paradigm of how not to do it – of which this latest fiasco is only the most recent and most egregious example.

      The standards the government maintains vis-à-vis treatment of interpreters and our profession in general is more accurately reflected in the government awarding contracts to the likes of Paradigm and SOSI than the platitudes proffered by Mr. Lowney.

  • Hard to believe they had the nerve to send this out.

  • Moises Hernandez Amateau says:

    What does payment have to do with notifying the results? Are raters witholding their score reviews for ransom?

  • André Csihás, FCCI says:

    And I thought that Pandora’s Box was a just a Greek myth!

    This is the worst instance of incompetence I’ve heard of in all my years as a Federal Interpreter.

    I’d like to send my heartfelt empathy to each and every one of you. It pains to know that you’ve been so shabbily treated in what I’ve always considered the maximum achievement for a court interpreter.

    I’m personally very grateful to Tony Rosado, who has afforded us a platform on which to publish our thoughts.

    André Csihás, FCCI

  • As for me, Tony isn’t inciting discontent. I and my fellow FCICE candidates have been discontent since December. I took my test in Atlanta (which was not affected by weather anomalies) on September 18. Surely before December 31, I expected good or bad news. However, the poor management in all aspects of the testing and subsequent delay is astonishing.

  • Elissa says:

    Dear Tony,

    Thank you for posting the letter. I didn’t even get it. I took the exam in San Diego on September 22, 2018 and I was told after the exam to expect the results sometime after thanksgiving- for sure before Christmas.

    I have called ParadigmTesting 2 times; December 22, 2017 and February 26, 2018. Each time I spoke with Lance Walter. On the call in December he explained how the hurricane situation in Puerto Rico and evacuation in Florida didn’t allow candidates to test as scheduled. This caused a 6 week delayed and they could not start grading until all tests were completed. Additionally that ParadigmTesting just finished training the graders and that I could expect my test results by late January to mid February.

    Per a college’s encouragement I will add that during the December call I expressed to Mr. Walter the same concerns I expressed to the proctors before the exam at the test site once I found out that the 2 proctors were NOT there to start and stop the tape/ recording. I explained how having to move the mouse around to point the arrow to click to “start” the tape, then again to “record” my response and then again to “stop” the recording was not appropriate for this type of exam. I went on explaining that it was important to consider that when interpreting we concentrate on skills that are on one side of the brain and that making us use the mouse was unfairly burdensome since it required for us to break our concentration to access the other side of the brain that stores the skill set to move the mouse and look for the proper placement of the arrow, etc. I told him how I had to literally drop my pen during consecutive to get the mouse and then quickly pick it up because the tape started right away once the click was done and by the time I started my note taking they speaker had already started and I was refocusing much later than I normally do when on the job and all this time the tape was running and so on. I also emphasized that interpreters are not controlling equipment/computers, etc when rendering consecutive interpretations as part of our job duties and I have worked in the insustry as a court certified interpreter since the early 1990’s. Mr. Walter said that the screen was a touch screen and that this was going to be taken into consideration when grading. Honestly, I told him wasn’t told that the screen was a touch screen and I didn’t think it would have been helpful since that doesn’t change the fact that you still have to shift your focus all over. I decided to wait for my results and considered that all my colleagues taking the exam faced the same scenario with the mouse logistics.

    Coincidentally my second call was on February 26, 2018; same date of the posted letter which I didn’t received. Mr. Lance Walter from ParadigmTesting returned my call on his cell phone and sadly expressed that they were waiting for a response from the federal side of the exam and that all the tests were graded and he had no idea when the federal side would respond and that they havent heard back from them in over 3 weeks, probably due to the shut down. At that point I was asking him how would we get notified because ParadigmTesting had sent a survey in January inquiring about the demographic taking this type of test but nothing relating to our log in or how to receive the results. Apparently our sign in was only good for signing up for the test. Anyway in essence it seems they are waiting for instructions from the federal counterpart of the exam who is reviewing the results and setting the grading curb.

    I do wish a letter would have been sent last year from ParadigmTesting but I didnt even get this letter so now I am worried as to why, am I not on the list of candidates?

  • JD says:

    So you think those of us “discontented” are weak-minded who can be incited? I’m not. Or that our time, money and plans aren’t worthwhile? Mine are.

    It’s now April, over six months after testing. Think Paradigm would be so understanding of you had you written them a bad check? Oh, sure if you had a suitable excuse. “Sorry my check bounced. Hurricane!” Ha. Ha.

    En fin, la situación sí es bochornosa, caramba- propia del peor tercermundismo. Inventas excusas para quienes ni te toman en cuenta, ni siquiera para ofrecerte una excusa medianamente coherente, pero sí criticas a un colega quien se ha manifestado aquí en aras de solidarizarse con nosotros. Y después de tanta contundencia, tienes la desfachatez de pedirle información. Para eso sí sirve el colega, ¿verdad? ¿Porqué no vas y se lo pides a Paradigm? Claro está: porque te consideran un cero a la izquierda y no van a mover una paja para responderte. Pero sí te supieron cobrar y antes de presentar el exámen, por si acaso. Estoy seguro que cobrararon a cada uno de nosotros, sin error ni demora.

    Ubícate. Avíspate. Civilízate. Punto y pelota.

  • JD says:

    Tony, thank you for your advocacy. April 5, and still no word here.

  • Eduardo says:

    Hello Tony and all interpreters and candidates!

    I absolutely agree that the way this is being handled by both Paradigm and by Mr. Lowney’s Office of Administrative Courts is very unprofessional given that very little o none information they have given.
    I have called Paradigm several times and Javier A. Soler from Mr. Lowney’s office with no response and no reply.

    It is really disappointing to go through this, when it took me -and I am certain many more of you have similar time frames- four attempts to pass the written part and two the oral one. 12 YEARS already!!!

    I am aghast at their incompetence!!!

    I thank Tony and all of you for your support and words of encouragement.

    Austin TX

  • Jose M Perez says:

    After this letter dated April 26, 2018 we were to wait 8 weeks for results; but still no results.

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