What we learned as Interpreters in 2012.

January 1, 2013 § 1 Comment

Dear Colleagues,

Now that 2012 is history and we are working towards a fruitful and meaningful 2013, we can look back and assess what we learned during the past 12 months.  As interpreters our career is a constant learning experience, and from talking with many of my colleagues 2012 was no exception. I personally grew up professionally and got a new appreciation for our profession. This year that ended gave me once again the opportunity to work with magnificent interpreters and many of my dearest colleagues.

2012 put me in direct contact with interpreters from many countries and diverse fields of expertise. I was able to share my knowledge and experience with many colleagues dear to me and with some new interpreters and translators.  This past year gave me the opportunity to learn many things at the professional conferences I attended, from the interpretation and translation books first published in 2012 that I read, and of course working in the booth, at the courthouse, the formal dinners, and even in open space, literally on the fields, during some livestock, oil, and agriculture events that I interpreted for in 2012.

During my year 2012 I experienced the satisfaction of publishing my first book, to see how several of my students became federally certified court interpreters in the United States, and I had the fortune to present before conferences in different counties.  During this year that ends I traveled to the Mexican Translators’ Organization (OMT) conference in Guadalajara Mexico where I was ecstatic over the magnificent International Book Fair. This year was filled with professional experiences acquired all over the world as I constantly traveled throughout the year, meeting and observing new colleagues and catching up with good friends. Now, as I sit before my computer reminiscing and re-living all of these life-enriching experiences, I ask you to share some of your most significant professional moments during this past year.

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  • Diane Chambers says:

    Dear Tony: Congrats on your book? How can I purchase a copy?
    My book is more of a text to learn ASL rather than an interpreting one… Nonetheless it is published by Simon & Schuster and available at their website( SimonSays.com) and, of course, Amazon.com. ” Communucating in Sign;Creative Ways to Learn ASL”
    Diane P.Chambers

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