Technology and the Interpreter.

November 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to this blog that has been designed for interpreters and other language professionals so that we can have discussions about those topics that are important to us as professionals. The idea is to have a forum for all interpreters: conference, legal, medical, military, community, media, etc. to bring up issues and hopefully, get some answers from other interpreters. I will be waiting for your valuable comments and opinions. I am committed to post a different topic in Spanish and English every week. I will post in English at the start of the week, and in Spanish on Wednesdays.

Despite all the technological advances of the last few years, some interpreters continue to avoid technology, and specifically electronic means of communication such as this blog. They claim that it is a waste of time, and it does not help us as professionals. Others, like me, are convinced that we cannot survive as a profession without embracing these modern tools, and we find a tremendous value on all the resources available on line. I think that it helps the interpreter, and betters the service. I personally like the idea of never being “alone” on the job. As long as there is a web connection, and a laptop is available, I much rather ask my peers for a word, a definition, or a perspective.

Do you think that taking advantage of the web, and using forums like this one, helps the profession? I would love to hear your opinion, and I would love to hear what you think about having this new blog to talk to our fellow language professionals.

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